Above there's no lord
Beneath not that judge place
only one who's in charge in destiny
is the owner of that destiny themselves

Like another ordinary man
there's no place for stand
in extraordinary land
there's no water nor food, just sand

But someone who still keep on
will gonna be that one

To be come Extraordinary
be the one who got it all
be the only who rule the hall
and everyone will listen to him much more

There's no eternity single night
There's no eternity single cruel night
for any of life kind


Ps. This blog tribute to my friend
living a hard long life another sea
take a breath and eyes open
there's many way out there
sorry my grammar still suck
as you ever complain me in class
I know you can catch your dream
all you need just a patient
like me like everyone we ever see
keep stand and don't let guard down
then kick it all my friend

Ps.2 what a long Ps. I wrote




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dunt ever give up if u still want to try ..
dunt ever wipe ya tears if u still want to cry ..
dunt ever settle fo an answer if u still want to kno ..
dunt ever say u dunt love him/her if u can't let him/her go ..


a break up is like a broken mirror ..
itz better 2 leave it broken than hurt yaself trying 2 fix it
u dunt see things clearly as long as ur still involved!!

parting of loving sumone is learning 2 let go!!*
.. memories are da best souvenirs ..
keep dat head on those shoulders & keep ya chin up
however, itz during diz time at ya weakest
u can also be ya strongest cry

p.s: im not sucha GOOD writer as PEAT ><
#3 by MiMii * ( At 2008-08-08 08:34,
แก้คำผิด จากคอมเมนต์แรก

ไรบ => รีบ

อิอิ big smile
#2 by luv_naru ( At 2008-08-02 23:04,

งั้นไรบไปอ่าน TOEIC ดีกว่า

เด๋วสอบไม่ได้ sad smile
#1 by luv_naru ( At 2008-08-02 23:03,